Me & the Family

Me & the Family

Friday, November 20, 2009



Where have I been?

Yes, I am still alive and breathing. I have taken some time off from lots of various things to, well, find myself. I have been running in circles for several years and "surviving" my life instead of living it.

So, things are changing.

I quit my job.

Yes, probably one of the craziest things to do and I have done it. Money is tighter then it has ever been. The hubby is telling the kids that we are in the Great least our own.

I have learned how to save a lot of money though...and that, to me, is awesome! This week alone we are eating on $50. For a family of 5 I feel that is pretty incredible. Our weekly food budget was around $100-$120 before. We are now $50-$70. You have to understand that 4 our of 5 people in the family eat adult portions. AND...we have two dogs. The hubby would say that we have 1 and 1/4 dogs. :)

I have also learned how to iron shirts for the hubby and groom even the BIG dog! Dry cleaning alone saves us $100 a month and the groomers $140 every 2-3 months. We have not eaten out in, it seems, FOREVER. Our friends did take us to lunch after church the other day.

Speaking of that lunch...I have learned to make some pretty snazzy tasting sandwiches from leftover meat. I usually make these for the hubby who no longer eats out for lunch, but comes home. He had a pulled rib sandwich one day, a chipotle chicken arepa (they are super good)...and other fantastic sandwiches.

I don't like sandwiches and I even like these!

My 80's slumber party was a hit. That was actually a couple of days before I quit. We all had a blast, let our guards down, and stayed up until 3am laughing and talking...just like when we were little girls.

I have been reading my Bible more and trying to focus my life on what it needs to be focused on. The past couple of years...well, they have just been really hard on me. I have found myself in a weird position where I know that God is in control...yet I don't feel God. I feel next to nothing towards anything.


I don't know if the two are connected but I have started taking an herbal coffee & tea. It actually is to help regulate the body's thermostat so that you burn stored fat. This stuff, it just makes me FEEL better! I'm smiling and laughing and playing. I'm feeling again.

When you haven't felt for a while, it's a nice thing.
I need passion in my life.

There are things in my life I need to feel passionate about. My family for instance.

Other then that...

My sister is taking her chemo now. We are all gathering at her house for Thanksgiving. All the sisters and our children and our parents. It will be insane but good for all of us. I will be writing here more again. That trip alone should provide a LOT of material!

Do you want to come along on my spiritual journey?
How about my finding happiness journey?

Love you guys.
Sorry I've been gone.

But I'm back. :)

How have YOU guys been?!!!!

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