Me & the Family

Me & the Family

Monday, January 24, 2011


Countdown to the baby shower and my son's birthday is TICK TICK ... TICKING AWAY.

Luckily my mother-in-law is getting my son's birthday pulled together for me.  The baby shower is being held at the condo's clubhouse where they live...and since I'm doing the baby shower hosting she's taking care of dinner and cake.

I made my FIRST ever diaper cake!  I was trying to find cool things online for the party and since I cannot afford to spend $75 for a diaper cake I decided surely I could do this myself!  I am proud of the outcome!  :)

 I love my sister-in-law soooo much.  It's funny because I prayed that I would love my brother-in-law's wife...because my husband and his brother are so close.  My brother-in-law prayed for the same thing.  God really blessed that prayer.  I felt a real closeness to Judy the moment I really got to know her and we've been good friends ever since.  I can honestly say that the friendship/sistership that we have would go on despite our marriage to our spouses.

Judy and I being silly ... that's what we do best!

Eddie & Judy @ a Valentine's Day party

This weekend we had a little getaway with my husband's cousin and family.  Roberto is like another brother instead of a cousin.  When he came to the states (legally) 11 years ago he knew no english and I barely spoke spanish.  While waiting for my husband to return to work those first couple of weeks we both sat in the basement with spanish/english dictionaries translating each other's words.  Tommy and I were 23 and Roberto was 20.  Now has his citizenship and runs a successful company up in DC and has a family of his own.  But I love Roberto deeply as my own brother so it was fantastic to visit with him!  

We took the kids to ride go-carts and such and here are some photos from the adventures...

The three on the right are mine...

Marie & Sarah cheesing it up!

We had a lot of fun!  I took lots of photos while DRIVING my go-cart, which is kinda scary but I still beat every body.  This is on the way down from the top of the track.  My husband said we should have been wearing safety goggles.  The speed at which you are flying down this thing, and the weight of being an "adult" causes your tires to fall apart and fly up at you!

We had a blast though!

Currently the little children I watch are napping - and I need to continue getting my lists together for the coming party.  I have a lot to do and not much time left!  

How are YOU today?!!!!

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