Me & the Family

Me & the Family

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Lately I have been having nightmares at night.  The kind that bolt you upright into bed and you scream.  The kind that every time you close your eyes you are a little bit scared.

The kind that make me feel like a little kid all over again.

So I continue to pray that these nightmares vanish.  I am a child of God so I cannot be scared of the dark!  It all seems so rational until I go to sleep!


Tomorrow I am going to lunch with my friends to celebrate my neighbors birthday.  There will only be a few of us and I have a little gift certificate that I'm using.  After that I'm headed to try and give blood again.  I attempted two weeks ago and was denied due to low iron levels...I figure after eating lunch AND taking my multi-vitamin I should be good to go!

AND I will earn a new gift certificate AND a movie ticket!

Here's to date nights!


This week I have two projects.  My first project is to make homemade jelly out of a bunch of frozen fruit I was given a few months ago.  I really don't know what I'm doing or how to do it - but I need to free up some freezer space so here's to figuring it all out.  Anyone know how to do it?  I figure if I can can venison, surely I can do this, right????


I'm up to getting THREE people to make their own laundry detergent.  Do you know how much this excites me?  Seriously, it does.  Why?  Well, because as a society we are told how much we need this product and that product and they make the prices outrageous and we have FORGOTTEN how things are made.  Our parents and our grandparents KNOW HOW, they just chose to buy.  In these days, with tight budgets and trying to get debt under control making little changes can add up.  I'm excited that OTHERS want to do a simple thing that can save them money too!


Ministries.  I have a question for you - is there something that you feel passionate about?  Something that you do at your church?  Something that, even if you are not a christian you do that helps out in the community?  Do you feed the hungry?  I don't know - what do you DO?

That's all I have right now.  The hubby is on his way back from RedBox returning our free rental and then it's time for bed.  What are YOU doing?

Did anyone tell you that tomorrow is MONDAY?  :)

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