Me & the Family

Me & the Family

Monday, February 28, 2011

Bottoms UP!

Moses murdered.  
Moses argued with God about His plan.
In the end, what if Moses had not stopped to listen?
What if Moses had refused the request?

Moses DID listen and saved Israel.
Numerous times.

It's true that had Moses decided to not listen to God and obey that God surely would have called another man up for the job.  But Moses was his first pick.  The job would have gotten done one way or another...but had Moses not done it - look what he would have missed?!  He would have missed the great exodus!  Seeing God write the ten commandments and many more AMAZING things that God allowed Moses to see.

Had he not done that...
It would have been a sin...

James 4:17 "Remember, it is
a sin to know what you 
ought to do and then not do it."

Moses did not understand WHY God called him to do what he did.  He saw all of the wrongs of his life, the inability of his character and the flaws of his personality - but God saw more.  When we work for God, even when we do not understand it - God can do AMAZING THINGS through us.  

Ephesians 3:20 "Now all glory
to God, who is able, through
his mighty power at work within
us, to accomplish infinitely 
more than we might ask or think." 



Have you ever known someone who lives every day as if it were their last?  I have known a few that were like that.  My sister lived that way the last two years of her life.  She had a clear perspective on life and what living really is.

It's allowing God to use you in any and every way He wants to.

What if we just listened for a minute to what God is whispering into our ears and heart?  I think that most everyone has the possibility of having an AMAZING PURPOSE for God's kingdom!  If a person is willing - then God will use it!  If you are unwilling then he will just find someone else!

Do you ever wonder if, when we get to Heaven that not only will we have to give an account of everything that we do...but that he will show us what he actually HAD PLANNED?  

We all know that God's plans are amazing!  Can you imagine, if you completely let go of yourself, what God could do with you?  Why do we want to fit God into our little Life Plan Box?  You know...we will see God on our times, pray when we want to, etc...

We put God in a...

Don't you think...that maybe...God's plan for your life is far more AMAZING than your plan for your life?  He uses people to do EXTRAORDINARY THINGS!  

Aren't you just a little bit curious????


My Change.

I recently started the Bible study that I felt God wanted me to start a year and a half ago.  I mentioned it even then...and I set it on the back burner.  Why would God want me to host a Bible study?  I'm not even good at leading a group.  I do not know my Bible that well.  I don't pray well...  The list goes on and on why I had not began my study.  

It took my new neighbor saying, "I feel like God wants me to start a Bible study with you guys."

You see that?  I had ignored his request and He was passing it along.  To someone who was probably going to be more obedient than I was. She had led ladies ministries in other churches.  She was FAR MORE talented than I was!  

As soon as that occurred I knew what I had to do!
Tomorrow is week 4 of a Bible study that meets in my home.

I do not know WHY God wanted me to start this Bible study but here I am, Lord!  I am being obedient!  I am sorry that it took me a year and a half!  Thank you for giving me one more nudge before you replaced me!

And it is like that....

Just as that Bible study was placed on my heart and I then began to ignore it over time...the feeling of needing to quit drinking was exactly the same.  I cannot begin to explain to you that sense of PUSHING that you can get at times from God.  

This was a push.

I had planned to postpone the quitting of drinking - until I could more clearly understands God's plan and God's timeline.  Then I began to recite the sin of omission...and what if I missed something AMAZING?!!!  

God has a plan and a reason for placing this on my heart.  I do not know for HOW LONG I will not be drinking but I did tell him to let me know AS SOON AS I CAN!  :)

So that's it.
I'm being obedient.

God is great!  God is good!  
I have no doubt that there is a reason.
One day...I will look back and know the WHY.


Stephanie Faris said...

Well put!!! I've always heard "Your timing is not God's timing" and it reminds me to be patient.

Jenn said...

A well written piece!! I don't always understand why He is asking of me to do this or that...and sometimes I find myself in a rather hard predicament just to make the right choice and follow His lead, but I am always better off when I listen and obey.

Keep writing Jane!


Plain Jane said...

@Steph - it's crazy and irritating and insane at times...listening to God's timing, especially when there is no part of me that understands it.

@Jenn - yeah...not having a beer REALLY sucks, but if it's what he has laid on my heart then i have obey.