Me & the Family

Me & the Family

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Amazing Talent

The creator looked at the wood, checked it's strength, quality and ability and began to make his plan.  He could see exactly what this wood would be perfect for.

He cut the wood, carved it, and banged on it.  He put wires in it so complex and tight no amount of surety could believe that the wood would be able to handle it.  

He molded it.  
Shaped it.
Twisted and turned it into his vision.

After the masterpiece was dissected and reconnected it was the moment of truth.  The test of the makers amazing ability to create something so AMAZING out of something so plain.  Not only is this thing beautiful to the eyes...what it does to the soul is something far more beautiful.

He tuned it.
He stroked it.
It became alive.

Its purpose is declared and defined.  Each of it's keys holds a promise of a note.  It can be played solo or in an accompaniment.  It can lead and it can follow.  If given the chance to allow it's creator to play it - it can make those around it cry.

After the creator created his masterpiece he sold it to a customer.  He prayed that the piano would be used to echo throughout the halls and homes.  As any piano should echo the love and dedication that the creator put forth into it.  It should reverberate the creator.  It's impact, if given what it deserves, should last from generation to generation.  That the impact of it's sound would bring grown men to weep at it's beauty.  Oh the creator of that beautiful formed and fine tuned piano had great aspirations for it's ability to touch those around it.

And so the piano left the building.
Everything it needed to be an AMAZING piano was built within it.

The owner left with great promise of grandeur.  He would allow the piano to honor the creator.  

Days passed.

The owner forgot about the piano.  He forgot how to play the piano.  He forgot all about the promise he made to the creator to allow the piano to reach it's excellence.  Instead the piano collected dust in the corner.

Every once in a while the owner would open the key cover, sit down on the bench, and stroke his fingers along the beautifully carved keys.  Then, as his children watched in amazement he would play something.  Something beautiful yet quaint.  To children even the silliest of songs played upon the piano sounds like an orchestra!  Then the keys were once again covered and the piano sat.

The owner did not take care of his piano.  He never had it tuned, rarely cleaned and polished it, and in general disregarded it.

The owner aged.
So did the piano.
The owner, over time, died.
The piano was wasted.

The children of the owner regarded the piano indifferently.  What purpose did the piano truly bring to the home?  Only a handful of memories at best.  None of the children were taught how to play the piano...and after seeing the piano was decayed beyond repair or recognition decided to dispose of it.  It was left, abandoned on the shore.  It did no more there than it did in the hall of the owner's home.  It's only beauty at the end was that the dead piano finally had been put to rest.  

It was no longer neglected.

The creator, once he learned of the misuse and neglect he wept.  He wept not only for the piano in which he created, but for the owner who had such an amazing gift that he let perish.  The sounds of that specific piano will not echo an eternity.  It will not even pour forth into the next generation.  It will be washed away, just as the owner was.


The past two years have been very trying and difficult for me.  I did not have an amazing relationship with God, the creator.  In fact, I held onto His promises but not depend on Him for my very breath.  

The more I walk closer to Him through prayers, studying His word, and realizing, once again that not only does He exist, but I need Him close to me.  I need that relationship.  I need that encouragement as I walk each day.

Every morning.
Every evening.
Everywhere in between.

As I walk through the past few weeks and find myself spiritually revitalized there is something new within me.  

A spark.

My ability to write is no longer eluding me. God’s gift, talent within me that cries out His love and mercy!  It can no longer be contained.  It can no longer be hidden and ignored.

My heart cries out for the Lord.
My talent is letting it come out onto paper,
Or host to those that need love and encouragement.

These gifts and abilities I have are not to be ignored any more. 


Do YOU have talents that you keep hidden?

Or that you have forgotten?


Jenn said...

I loved the parallels in this post of yours...this was such a good post and I'm glad you're writing again!!

A hidden talent? Me? I don't think I ever really knew what my talents were until one of my best friends pointed out that I was good at "encouraging" others. I prayed about that because I didn't think it was really a "gift" but it turns out I'm quite wrong...and she's quite right. So...I'm working on the using that talent and making it what it is supposed to be, whatever that may be.

Great post...I look forward to more!


Plain Jane said...

i would have to agree! you are an EXCELLENT encourager! for you have encouraged me and i thank you from the depths of my heart!

keep challenging yourself...i see as i have taken a step forward the gates have opened and opportunities are flowing forth!

Shirley said...

A wonderful blog! Thanks so much for sharing it here!

Darlene ~Bloggity Blogger~ said...

I love what you did with this topic. You moved so smoothly from the BFF topic and into the use of gifts. Awesome!

Kathy29156 said...

This post is absolutely amazing!! I used to play piano and loved it. Playing got me through the pain of my mother's death, and when we moved and I was unable to take her piano with me, I wept. I left part of my soul behind with that pian...o. Someday I will get a keyboard and piano again, and when I do, I will sit down and caress the keys and remember. I loved your post. I would have commented on your blog, but didn't see a way to comment so I am commenting here. I hope my comments will encourage everyone to read this amazing post!!