Me & the Family

Me & the Family

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Plastic wrap?

The past few years God has continued to change me and shape me into something that looks much different.  He's taken all the broken shattered pieces of my life and didn't just glue them back together, but he pressed them into purpose.  

I'm like the extreme OVERHAULIN.
Have you ever watched that show?

On that show they really take the car apart.  They give it new parts, new engines, remove all the rust, customizes new doors and windshields and even though you KNOW it's the same car - there is definitely a new look to it.  It has a "glow."

That's what he's done to me.
Not like PIMP MY RIDE...
Where they often leave the insides still in shambles but throw in a cool tv and stereo system, some bangin' new paint color and shazam...

No...God isn't like that.

He takes care of the details.  We were created correctly - to serve his purpose in our lives, but somewhere from our entrance into Earth and our part in the world we lost track of it, got all banged up, scratched at chipped our paint and even our FRAMES are rusting and falling apart.  One glance in the mirror and we can't even tell WHO we are.  That's when he asks - are you ready for me to clean you up and get you back onto the road?  

My road?

Seriously though, God does not miss even the trivial details that really could be easily overlooked.  My husband and I are currently waiting for God to open a door...THE DOOR.  He left his job due to the unethical, immoral and illegal doings of the company.  Now we are being denied unemployment - and this was the first time in our entire marriage that we have tried to get it - to cover the bills.  Prior to him resigning we were saving food in a twist of events that was also orchestrated by God.  So here we are...bills are being paid, not only do we have the food we save but food (fruits, vegetables, eggs and milk) has been making it's way to our home.  Our kitchen is more filled with food NOW then it has been in over a year.

Food is not trivial - but abundance of food?
You know something that is trivial?  
Plastic wrap.
Plastic wrap and foil.
Plastic wrap, foil and cooking spray.

You see yesterday I was just talking out loud to God.  Just mentioning some things to him that we need and how are we going to get them?  Things like plastic wrap and foil.  Cooking spray has been on the list for a week but I've just been using our abundance of vegetable oil.  Not the healthiest choice, but it works.

Yesterday evening my husband came home after working all day for our former church's thrift store.  He moved a someone's ENTIRE HOUSE.  Can you imagine what he had in his arms?


I bet you can guess what those items are?
That's right.
Plastic wrap, foil, and cooking spray.

Coincidentally (not really because this is God we are talking about) I was telling my husband that I told this to God today and my son said - mom...I just used the last of the foil and plastic wrap for my project!  

Perfect timing.

You know what else?  I asked about the eggs.  Lord, how am I going to get eggs?  I went to my neighbors house and he asked if I had any empty egg cartons because his co-workers chickens had EXTRA EGGS and he'd like me to have them.


I know that many of you don't believe in God.  You believe the light that is within you.  You believe in karma.  You may believe in God but not the Son or the Holy Spirit...

I wish you knew me.
I wish you knew that if life was Karma - I'd be dead.
No amount of loving myself would get me to where I am now.

And God's love and mercy?
Oh is he merciful!

You may scoff at my little miracles, but I do not.  And if God can be faithful to my itty-bitty requests for plastic wrap and foil - I am pretty sure that I should trust him to provide for our bills as we wait for THE DOOR that God has promised us to open.

I have faith.
Do you?


Jo said...

I do and I have watched and lived many of those miracle. Ask and ye shall receive. Not always what you expected, but what you needed!

♥ Love this posting.

The Frizzy Hooker said...

eamazing ministry
Thank you

angelaparsonmyers said...

I don't scoff at your little miracles. I've experienced many of them myself.

Kathy said...

Wonderful post and a great testament. If you ask, you always receive even if it is slightly different than what you envision.


Brenda Stevens said...

YUP!!!!!!!!!! love this!