Me & the Family

Me & the Family

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I have three kids who are getting ready to each have a birthday over the next 60 days.  I will have an 11, 12 & 13 year old by the first week of March. 

I am elated.


Any ways, I have found that the amount of forgetfulness has tripled in each child at the age of 11.  That means that my youngest is getting ready to roll over into a state of disability.

I call it a disability because suddenly they can no longer remember anything (dementia), can no longer hear (deafness) and are in a perpetual state of being dumb in general.  It must be some sort of disability and I feel that I should, in fact, get some sort of emotional and mental aid as I go through raising them over the next few years.

I'm just sayin.

So their inability to remember things has caused my home to look as though a tornado is a constant occurrence.  The kids leave their stuff EVERYWHERE.  Over the past several months I would gather all of their things that were left scattered around the house and heap it into a pile in the middle of the floor.  I had a big reason for doing would cause my husband to yell at them.  For whatever reason he could not see that it was THEIR STUFF that was causing the house to look so messy...but when you put it all into one central location, forcing him to walk over it every time he walks through the house...

Needless to say my plan worked.

The hubby realized the kids left their stuff everywhere.

After some thinking on his part he devised a plan to hopefully encourage the kids to NOT leave their stuff lying around the house. 

It started Christmas.

We now confiscate things.
It's ours.

If you leave it somewhere it does not belong then it becomes ours.  If you would like that item returned to you then that will require some special chore work on your part.  Chores that used to be paid for will not be paid for by returning your items.

We have been taking these items, as we see them, and tossing them into our closet.  I pulled the remaining items out today to organize them so the kids are aware.

My oldest two were pretty fast at getting their new pairs of shoes back.  Things that they did?  Cleaning out the cars, picking up know...really FUN JOBS.

One of the things that I have caught them saying is...

"Oh well...I don't need that...I have another pair of shoes."

I told the hubby last night that we need to now create a time frame of confiscation.  If the item is not paid for within two weeks said items will be thrown away, given away, or sold.  All proceeds will be given back to mom and dad and when EVER you want that item again you will pay for it out of your own pocket.


I don't think so.
I am having the hubby set up my blogging website hopefully tonight.  This is so that I might be able to make blogging somewhat of a business and bring in some enjoyable income.  I will create a page just for my kids...and send them the link.  Every time an item is confiscated a picture of it will be posted on my page and dated.  They can check out the link daily to find out what is now missing.

Once I get the page up you can enjoy watching their reactions.  Maybe I will have a board set up so that they can talk to me about their item.

Yeah, I think that could be pretty entertaining.

On a sad note...

I just took out my son's confiscated jacket and blanket out of the washing machine (they smelled really bad) and discovered his i-pod.  Oh man...another one washed.  I just washed my daughters two weeks ago. 


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