Me & the Family

Me & the Family

Friday, January 22, 2010


I spoke to my sister, Amy, today.  She just wrapped up 1 of 3 chemo treatments.  I had not spoken to her since last week...when she was her chipper self.  Now she sounds tired and weak.

And my heart breaks.
Why can I not hug her through the phone?

I tried to enlighten her with the dead mouse stories and anything else I could pull out of my butt.  Unfortunately I do not have much to say.  The hubby started his new job last week and things are going good.

I guess craziness is a good thing...
If it makes her laugh.

She is getting tired.  She needs prayers to uplift her spirits.  I told her that somehow, in my mind, me being there will make her stronger.  I know that makes me sound super human or something, but I have convinced myself of such.

At this time though, I cannot go.
I have to wait.
And let God lead.

In the mean time if you have any funny or entertaining stories you'd like to share that would be AWESOME!  I love to make her laugh, even though it hurts.  It is good for her.

Well, not the pain.

Any ways, please keep my sister in your prayers.  That she be able to keep fighting.  That she does not given into the giving up.  

So seriously.


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